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Brace yourself. Winter is coming. Winterize Your Boat!

Why You Should Winterize Your Boat . . . and SOON!

It seems that, at least here in east Tennessee, we are experiencing a never-ending Summer. Boaters are enjoying every last minute and you can’t really blame them. Gorgeous sunshiny days with temperatures in the upper 70s is nothing to complain about at all.

But it’s November and Mother Nature will catch up soon! This time of year, boat owners should be thinking about winterization and winter boat storage. After all, one hard freeze and you could end up with very costly boat repairs. Plus, every boat owner on the Tennessee River will be panicked to get their boat winterized as soon as the weather decides it really is winter. 

Save your boat engine and your wallet. Don’t let the cold weather sneak up on you. Beat the chill and the rush! Schedule your winterization appointment with the Erwin Marine Service Department today!

Take a look at our WINTERIZATION SPECIALS and don’t get left out in the cold.

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